A downloadable game for Windows

Made in the context of the February Mini Game Jam 2015

Space Trash is a funny 2D Arcarde Plattformer in a top down perspective were you play a mother-cockroach- alien who is teleporting from platform to platform(trash pieces) to find her children and bring them back to their home while constantly trying to avoid the trash flying through space and having a time pressure.

How to play:

-use WASD to walk with the alien mother
- use portals by walking through
- oxygen bar is running constantly out, it gets refilled in the homebase or by collecting strange oxygen-masks

Presentation by Allan:


Allan Cuducio – Game Design
Rezan Kizilgün - Programming
Josef Abu Aisheh – Game Design/Programming/Sound
Leo D. – Character Art
Andrew James – Environment Art
Jasmin Heinemann – Game Design


Spacetrash - Build.rar 8 MB